Piano tuning and repairs in Nottingham

On this page are a number of links to websites that can offer advice about buying a piano, piano care and maintenance, how to find a piano tuner or teacher in your area and almost everything else you might want to know about pianos.


www.bluthner.co.uk  Bluthner pianos UK

www.jonills-removals.co.uk (excellent piano movers).

www.pianotuner.org.uk (pianoforte tuners association).

www.clementpianos.co.uk (for quality pianos in Nottingham)

www.chrisvenables.co.uk/familybusiness.html (piano supplier)

www.uk-piano.org/index.html (Association of blind piano tuners and general piano information).

www.fouldsmusic.co.uk (A good piano shop in Derby)

www.ptg.org (Piano technicians guild).

www.ism.org/home.php (Incorporated society of musicians).

Please contact me at enquiries@pianotuner-nottingham.co.uk if you would like any advice about pianos. 

Take a look at this interesting web site for more information and advice on pianos. www.amarilli.co.uk/piano/default.asp

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